QUDO Jewellery Size Chart

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Find your ring size

To ensure that you select the right ring size, we provide you with our comprehensive ring size guide. This invaluable reference will assist you in finding the perfect size for your dream ring.

Determining the right ring size
It's a problem that some people have certainly faced before: You have found a ring online that you absolutely have to have, the only drawback is the ring size. We'll tell you a few very simple methods that you can use to find out your ring size quickly and easily.

Ring size chart
If you already have a value, the ring size chart will help you determine your ring size. For example, if you have measured the inside diameter with a ruler or tape measure, you can use this value in the size chart to read off your standard ring size.
Example: The inner diameter of your rings is 16.5 mm. According to the conversion table, the appropriate ring size is 52.

Ring size template
With the ring size template  you can easily determine your ring size. After you have downloaded and printed out the template free of charge, you can now determine your size in two ways. Either you place an existing, matching ring on the template and simply read off the size. Or you can cut along the dotted line and then put your finger through it. You can then read off your size below the ring template.

Attention! Please follow the procedure on the PDF to ensure that nothing goes wrong when determining the ring size.