Swim and Beach to Bar Locations

We have created this page so you know which store to visit for your favourite swim and beach to bar wear!

Stocked in Winchester :

  • Roidal
  • Dolores Cortes
  • Prima Donna Swim
  • Anita
  • Chantelle Swim
  • Pain de Sucre Avany in Sapphire and Amande
  • Pain de Sucre Bonnie in Black
  • Pain de Sucre Jax and Tako top in Sapphire

Stocked in Alresford:

  • Pain de Sucre - Swim and Cover ups
  • Empreinte
  • Marie Jo Tinjis and Almoshi
  • Naia Beach - Swim and Cover ups
  • Seafolly 
  • Sea Level - Swim and Cover up
  • Anita


Sophia Alexia - both stores

Pranella - Winchester

Sohana - selected blouses in Winchester, blouses and dresses in Alresford