How To Care For Your Swimwear

At Ellie and Bea we take great pride in ensuring you walk out feeling amazing in your new swimwear. However, it is so important you look after your swimwear correctly for it to last. 

Here are some steps to get the most out of your swimwear:

  • We recommend you rinse your swimwear immediately after use to clean out any salt, sand or chemically treated pool water
  • Do not put your swimwear in the washing machine
  • Gentle wash in cool water
  • Use a mild detergent - we recommend 'Soak Wash'. Do not use Woolite!
  • Do not wring, soak or bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Drip dry in the shade
  • Rinse thoroughly after use
  • The brands we stock use the highest quality fabric dyes however some colours may fade over time
  • Some colours will fade more than others when exposed to sunlight and chemically treated water
  • High amounts of chlorine will damage your swimwear. Neutralise any residual evidence of chlorine by rinsing in cold water after use. Continuous use in pool will deteriorate the swimwear and cause it to fade and stretch.
  • We recommend you don't use your swimwear in saunas or spa baths
  • Fake tanning products and some suncreams may mark or damage your swimwear . We recommend taking extra care when using the products and ensuring its dry before you put your swimsuit on. 
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this can cause pilling 

We hope you enjoy wearing your swimwear!